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5.8.1 reinstalled still issues with unmounted

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I upgraded to the new 5.8.2 and like everyone else it said it was unable to mount. My MacBook (Catalina 10.15.3) said it could not initialize the volume. Softraid XT is now at 5.8.1 (I uninstalled and went back to 581 ran the kext and nothing is in quarantine) and it says unmounted degraded Raid 1+0 and needs rebuilding but I can't rebuild if it won't mount. I have Disk Drill and it says it can rebuild but how do I know if I lost anything? I haven't said ok to it yet and im not sure if that will even fix the mounting problem. Please I need a little help.

Topic starter Posted : 19/02/2020 8:53 am
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The mounting problem is the SoftRAID driver is prevented from loading by OS X security. You need to approve OWC as an "Identified Developer".

We created a PDF with instructions to help you resolve this problem:


Posted : 24/02/2020 7:03 pm