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Softraid 6.0.5 causing Catalina (10.15.7) finder to beachball for a few seconds

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I upgraded Softraid 5 to Softraid 6.0.5, and now I find the system beachball for annoying 5-15 seconds.

It seems my OWC TB is 'asleep' and SoftRaid is waiting for it to spin up. It wasn't the case with SoftRaid 5. All the settings is on default.

Any help much appreciated.

Topic starter Posted : 20/09/2021 12:17 am
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My guess is the volume directory has some damage. You can check your sleep settings if this is sleep, but a symptom of a directory issue is beachballing.


Do you have access to Disk Warrior? Else you may need to try backup/restore.

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Posted : 20/09/2021 2:17 am