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Where do I start?

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Hello all,


I am confused. I have a MAC-Mini 2012 with two 2TB SSD.

I was able to install Catalina on SSD1, then logged in and I cannot create a volume with SoftRAID unless I initialise the disk which means that the data will be wiped. So how do we create a RAID0 without deleting the data from the startup disk please? When I launch the installation at the begining of Catalina it does not allow the installation of the OS on any SSD partition when the SoftRaid driver is installed. So it is a catch 22 for me. I just want to create a RAID0 with Catalina installed to be happy... It seems to me that although SoftRaid states that it is compatible with Catalina but thus far I have been wasting my time trying to get the whole thing to work. If I create a RAID0 using the Utility Disk, Catalina refuses to install on RAID... So I am totally lost to be honest :-)

Please help if you can as I have spent all day trying hundreds of scenarios and all that has done to me has been nothing more than a disappointment with SoftRaid that is meant to make the whole thing easier for everyone.

Many thanks and kind regards]


Topic starter Posted : 02/03/2021 12:45 pm
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No worries I am happy with Mojavi

"Mojave refused to work at all. There are some corner cases, where it is possible to get a SoftRAID volume to be your startup volume, but it is extremely difficult. However, Apple’s RAID 1 and RAID 0 built in RAID drivers would still function in Mojave as startup volumes."

Topic starter Posted : 02/03/2021 1:58 pm
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The problem is you have an existing startup volume. So you need a startup external drive to configure your system.

And, RAID 0 can not be "converted" from any other volume.


Lets assume you are running Mojave:

Get a fast Thumbdrive, or any external disk, erased as HFS.

restart your system, so no apps are running.

Run Carbon Copy Cloner ( and clone your internal to the external disk.

"Set Startup" to the thumbdrive.


Run SoftRAID and "initialize" both disks.

Create a RAID 0 volume.

restart (safest)

Run CCC to clone your system. back to the RAID 0 volume.

When done, run SoftRAID.

Click on the new internal RAID volume tile.

"Reinstall SoftRAID driver".

Set startup to the volume.

restart. that should do it.


If this is Catalina, you can try the same steps, but with Disk Utility RAID 0. No guarantees, most people cannot get RAID booting in Catalina.

Posted : 02/03/2021 3:28 pm
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