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Error Converting Volume

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I have two disks, one volume each. One volume has all my data. The other is blank. I want to convert to a RAID 1 set, but when I try to convert either volume to a RAID 1, I get this error:

"There is not a SoftRAID disk with free space available. You need to have 1 SoftRAID disk with free space available for this conversion."

I could have sworn this used to work! What am I doing wrong?

Topic starter Posted : 04/11/2017 1:15 am
Member Admin

This is an easy one, the disk you are adding must be initialized by SoftRAID, and do not create any volumes on it.

Mirroring is not "two volumes" working together, but a single volume with multiple disks.

Posted : 06/11/2017 11:33 am