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BUG: Softraid 6.2.1 installation on Mac with case-sensitive boot drive fails

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This bug manifests itself on Macs where the root filesystem have been reformatted to use a case-sensitive (Unix style!) filesystem.

When you start SoftRAID 6.2.1 for the first time to install the drivers it will fail with a pop-up message that it can't install the drivers.

Starting the tool from the terminal shows some output and by doing so I found that the kernel extension is copied from:
/Applications/SoftRAID 6.2.1/SoftRAID 6.2.1.app/Contents/PlugIns  (which it can't find)

This fails because the actual path towards the kernel extension on a case-sensitive filesystem is (note that the i in Plugins is with a lowercase i ):
/Applications/SoftRAID 6.2.1/SoftRAID 6.2.1.app/Contents/Plugins

I just made a copy of "Plugins" to "PlugIns" and now the installation succeeds without a problem. I assumed other pieces of code may still refer to "Plugins" so I wanted both to be there and reference the same kernel extension.

Easy fix in the code: make sure you have a consistent reference (name) towards this directory. If you package it as "Plugins" also refer to it from the code as "Plugins". Don't use "PlugIns" and assume the OS will do the implicit non-case sensitive translation automatically because it doesn't for case-sensitive filesystems.

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Topic starter Posted : 05/06/2022 3:47 am
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Engineeering has started looking at this issue, and I will bring this up. If true, seems like a straightforward fix.

Posted : 05/06/2022 9:49 am
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@softraid-support Thanks, for me there is no rush because the workaround (copy the directory so it is available under two paths) worked perfectly so I have softRAID 6.2.1 running now.

Topic starter Posted : 05/06/2022 9:53 am