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Worst Question Ever

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okay, maybe not the worst question ever... but it could possibly be because I can't believe I'm this "dumb".

I just spent over a thousand bucks on a Thunderbay 4 with 4x 4TB drives.


I plug it into my Mac, running 11.6 Big Sur.


all that shows up is this drive icon called Thunderbay and a demand to install SoftRaid software.


All I actually want is to plug the enclosure into my Mac, turn everything on and have 4 drives show up in my finder so I can copy and access files. I don't want anything else.

I have an 'old' OWC Thunderbay with 4x 2TB drives in it. I plug it into the Mac, turn it on... I get 4 nice little icons A, B, C, D. I can click on them, access them. Drag and drop files, run programs from them, etc.

Why is this brand spanking new state of the art model not doing any of that?

I've apparently loaded Softraid 6.2. If I click on the Thunderbay icon I get the window showing EVERY drive on my computer - but it also says the Thunderbay is only 12TB.
If I click on any of the 'new' drives it just draws a nice green line to the Thunderbay window - but doesn't give me any of the Finder type windows I'm used to.

nothing shows up in Finder except the ThunderBay itself and if I click on that it just shows me the preloaded Softraid directory (6.0.5)

It's currently 'validating' at the moment and I only have a mere 6 hours to wait for that to finish... what happens after that?

I'm trying to get started on a job and really just wish things would do what I want them to - so can someone excuse my dumbness and point me in the direction of the bit of the instructions I've obviously not been able to find where I can get this to function like good old fashioned pre-oandemic hard drives?

Apologies in advance if this is, as I fear, the dumbest question with the simplest answer to it that I'm unable to find on my own.

Topic starter Posted : 01/12/2021 5:24 pm
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What you are asking for is 4 individual volumes. Most people with multiple drives want one larger volume, which is faster than a single disk and offers some protection against a disk failure. Since the majority of users have never used SoftRAID, we test the disks, and create a RAID 5 volume as a service to users.


In your case, all you do is click on the icon in SoftRAID for hte volume and "disable safeguard".

Then shift click on all the disk icons (selecting all 4) and "zero disk" and choose 100 sectors.


Now you have 4 "brand new" disks. In SoftRAID, go to the utlities menu and "unistall SoftRAID" or Uninstall all coponents, either will work.


Probably the mac will auto launch SoftRAID at restart, so quit it.

Run Disk Utility and erase each disk, one at a time. Selelect either APFS (the default now) or HFS file system.


Now you have 4 volumes.

Posted : 01/12/2021 6:02 pm
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awesome. Thank-you. One day I'll figure out how to read instructions properly.

Topic starter Posted : 01/12/2021 10:03 pm