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Running CalDigit T4 with M1 and future M? Macs and Softraid

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Can anyone tell me if a CalDigit T4 will run in Raid 0,1 or 5 using Softraid Pro on an M1 Mac - CalDigit have said they will not update their bundled driver's to support this ?

Topic starter Posted : 10/10/2021 4:28 pm
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Interesting, so Cal Digit is not updating their SoftRAID for M1? That seems unusual. Perhaps they meant they are not supporting yet and cannot pre-announce software.

(or, since they have a kind of hybrid hardware/software RAID it is not trivial to port it to M1 and have decided to move to hardware RAID in the future.)

Yes SoftRAID can support this if you put the drives into JBOD mode, however, you probably need their configuration manager to do this. Once their enclsoure is in JBOD mode, however, you will not need to use their software again. then SoftRAID Pro can use it as normal.

Posted : 10/10/2021 7:52 pm