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Will SoftRAID work with a hackintosh?

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Yes, SoftRAID can work with any reliable drives and systems.

its possible the additional stress SoftRAID puts on the system (as a multi-threaded driver) could show issues that are not normally present with non RAID volumes, but if your system is reliable, SoftRAID will be.

"My hackintosh has Thunderbolt ports, can I use SoftRAID with Thunderbolt?"


However, we have noticed an issue with the bundled version of SoftRAID that comes with the OWC Thunderbay. The Thunderbay bundled version of SoftRAID is bundled at a discount, as it only manages disks inside a Thunderbay.

Apparently the Thunderbolt bus on a hackintosh may not allow the "SoftRAID for Thunderbay" version to identify the Thunderbay as a bundled enclosure. So for Thunderbay's conected to a hackintosh, we recommend you purchase the full retail version of SoftRAID.

Topic starter Posted : 30/05/2017 4:03 pm