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Problem Mounting External Drives

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Let me start by saying I have a double backup system at home

Backup 1: RAID 5, 4 disks 4 To x 4 = 16 To
Backup 2: 2 Segate 6 To

It started with a message that one of the RAID disks might have errors - something used to, I'm like Ok need to probably change one of the disks.

System restart as froze (happens ), but at restart, none of the disks were showing. In Softraid I could see the disks, but couldn't mount them, also tried same in Disk Uitlity and same thing.

I was able to connect the drives to my laptop, but all are showing with a red exclamation point. I'm able to access the files however - only the RAID freezes the laptop. What I don't understand is 1) Why I can not mount the drives on my desktop and 2) Why I would have exclamation points on ALL drives, both the RAID and the other external drives.

Thanks for support !


Topic starter Posted : 15/03/2020 3:56 pm
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The ! is the alert that you are running the "default" driver that is installed with OS X, not the full functioning driver.

The first thought I have in your scenario is the system is hanging on rebuilding, but it cannot be in your case. So the faulty drive must be causing this.

I would try this next:
go back to your main system.
Restart without the disks connected.
Pull all the disks out, about an inch, and connect the enclosure.
Run SoftRAID
Insert Disk A. Watch and see what happens. Does it show up? Does it have IO errors? Does it have a "Predicted failure" message?
Pull out disk A, about an inch again.
Insert Disk B.
repeat your observations.

If no disks ever show up, one at a time, then the enclosure is failed.

Now, if you only have one disk with a problem (predicted failure), then that is the one you need to replace. Pull that disk out. and only insert the remaining 3. Does your volume mount? If so, good. Buy a disk and replace it.

If the volume does not mount, then get back in touch.

Let us know how it goes

Posted : 16/03/2020 12:02 pm