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`Softraid 6.1 Beta 53 Monitor Issues

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After installing Softraid Beta 53 (6.1) on my Big Sur iMac 2019 5K, i9, 128 GB, macOS 11.3 beta 3, the disk icons in the monitor's left pane seem to bounce up and down and rotate through the drives.  It is maddening to watch the drives (not the arrays on the right side; just the drives on the left) shuffle and rotate while I'm staring at the machine.  I can probably produce a video of this.  No screen shot is capable of capturing it.  Let me know if you want such a video and where to send it.

Topic starter Posted : 08/03/2021 1:26 pm
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This is a bug in the SoftRAID app. We are adding code to keep disks (on the left) sorted by enclosures. This is a side effect of that change.

The fix did not entirely make it into b53, we we have a reproduced machine in the lab, so we can fix this. I am sure b54 will address this completely.

Note: SoftRAID never needs to be running unless you are managing your disks.

Posted : 08/03/2021 1:40 pm
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Thanks.  I don't run the monitor normally.  I just use it to check everything after I install a new version.  That's when I noticed the crazy left pane.  I'm happy it will be fixed in a future beta; it's a known bug, and that I've done my beta duty at this point.


Thanks for clarifying.

Topic starter Posted : 08/03/2021 2:56 pm
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