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How to restore a licence (OWC Raid 5 Amazon buy)?

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Hello, I had my OWC  raid 5 (bought on Amazon) working Ok with softraid 5 until I (regret it 100 times already) upgraded to SoftRaid 6. Now it asks for the license to upgrade, but I do not have a previous license number. Can someone help me with these questions:

1. How to obtain my old license number?

2. Where to download Softraid 5, I do not need an upgrade.

 thank you!


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Your 5.x license is on a sticker on the bottom of your enclosure.

Uninstall SoftRAID 6 (utilities menu)

then run 5.8.4 and install the driver. (unless you are on Big Sur, SoftRAID 5 is not compatible with Big Sur or later.)


Here is a link to 5.8.4 XT