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In this modern world and promoted by technology, it seems that ancient traditions and cultural history are lost these days. However, when it comes to a traditional wedding celebration, these ancient wedding traditions of the past become an important part of today. Many girlfriends of Indian culture cover these cultural traditions using a bridal Lehenga. This traditional garment is usually a garment made as the bride dresses for the special day of her as a symbol of the traditions and history of her family. Bridal Lehengas come in all different colors and styles to suit the tastes or a color scheme of any modern girlfriend and are an item that is used with a great sense of pride. This set consists of a long pleated skirt decorated with an intricate embroidery and an upper part, known as Gangra Choli.

What makes craftsvilla bridal lehengas a garment so versatile is that it allows such a wide variety of fabrics and styles for any girlfriend. Many bridal Lehengas are built of rich beautiful fabrics such as Georgette, Satin, Chiffon or even a rich silk material. These fabulous and rich aspect materials really make a great impact for this garment and a great statement on a wedding day. For the most part, these items are made of silk, as it is usual for the garment of the day of the wedding. Silk tissue really pulls out the beautiful detailed seams that is also a traditional part of this bridal piece.

While the fabric of this traditional garment is important, decorative seam is also a key factor for the general appearance of the Bridal Lehenga. There are many different decorative sewing work that is carried out for this article, including styles such as diamond, embroidery, Zari and Zardozi. Many patterns also incorporate beads, mirrors and even pearls. While many of these items include these styles, it is known that bridal lehengas use Zari, bright sequins and pearls for this very special occasion. There are also many varieties used when it comes to the type of thread and color. Many different styles are based on beautiful rich tones of green, blue, organize, red, black and yellow, depending on material and material material.

The best part of this traditional garment is that bridal lehengas generally come in a wide variety of shapes and styles to adapt to any girlfriend. This not only creates a personalized experience, means that a bride can choose her bridal lehenga to fit her body type to create a flattering and beautiful silhouette for her special day. The typical shape of this type of garment is known as line A. This is because the garment falls into a form A and is more suitable for women who have a pear shape or want to hide or accentuate with broader hips. Another option is the circular form, which presents many folds around the area of ​​the waist, adding volume to the form. This style is the most suitable for thinner or smaller brides. The style of the fish tail embraces the hips and the waist area, and then burns in a larger way at the bottom, creating a beautiful form of hourglass to the body. This is suitable for any type of body. The traditional bridal style chosen by most brides, however, is the straight cut. This is suitable for any type of body and is typically flattering in all women.

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