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Mix and Match Licenses

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I have a perhaps unusual/unique situation and am unsure what combination of licenses and/or seats will accomplish what I'd like to achieve.

I have two SoftRAID drives and two computers. One SoftRAID drive (4 disks, 2 volumes; configured as 1+0 and 1) is associated with a SoftRAID 6 Pro license on a desktop. The other is a single RAID 1 volume with a SoftRAID 6 Lite license associated with my laptop. My desktop seems to suffered a catastrophic failure – suddenly turned off and not turning on. I am wondering if it is possible and how to go about accessing the SoftRAID Pro drives/volumes normally associated with my desktop from my laptop (without making a mess of the SoftRaid Lite license/drive). I am hoping that the desktop will revive, but I'd like to understand my options in the event it doesn't.

Thanks for any guidance!

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Just connect it, it will mount automatically.  no problem.