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SoftRAID 6 update is unethical

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Hi, I've been a all time customer for my raid 10 on Mac since many years. First time I've paid $250 USD I was like, well this is a lot to make my drives work. After reading forums I got to the point that the software was much more reliable compared to many other solutions out there like hardware raid. I did pay for it but I didn't knew years later I'd have a paid update of almost 50% of the original price. Maybe $99 USD isn't much for you but in Canada it's 125$ CAD. I'm an artist who works a lot to make 125$. My raid enclosure was an investment for many years which turns out it's not.

I always liked Soft RAID until today. This one isn't working for me. First it wasn't told anywhere that it was a paid update. It just asked me to update to version 6. Then after the trial ended up, it asked me to input my serial number. Which I did until I try to input a S letter which I though my keyboard was broken. Then I got the "super" upgrade price of $99 USD. 

The only option I'm left with is to either pay or downgrade my Mac and my software version. In the world of important data, I don't want to run on a old unsupported version of the raid software.

I understand that Mac became more and more complicated to develop with but this is unfortunately not at the cost of the loyal customers. Those loyal customers that will probably think twice before buying a OWC product in the future. That means that the $100 USD you're trying to force everyone today will probably undo money in the future as all these customers will have to upgrade their storage solution.

This update is unethical. You could have a conversion serial key form with a disclamer saying that it's been hard with all the Apple changes and that you need freakin' money to continue develop the incredible Soft RAID software we all like. Then you put a pay what you want slider from FREE to $1000 or custom field. So your loyal customers that had it rough during the Covid could update for FREE and that your loyal customers that can only throw $20 will do. Or the businesses could drop a thousand.

This is just ONE idea but clearly the snitchy way that's been chosen smells bad and is clearly not appreciated by the community, I've seen many posts regarding the update.

Find a FREE alternative, please. At least this will be a good subject in my podcast.

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In the upgrade notification dialog box from SoftRAID 5.8.4, it states that this is a paid upgrade.

I am sorry you did not expect a paid upgrade, but software does need to be maintained. You have the option to use 5.8.4, as you mentioned. It will not stop working.