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SoftRAID 6 upgrade cost to obtain fixes for SoftRAID 5 bug

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I have six licensed copies of SoftRaid 5, one of which was purchased last year. I have nine OWC drive arrays.

There is an issue with SoftRaid 5 on certain platforms which consistently causes a MacOS kernel panic during shutdown due to slow response from the drive subsystem. This is apparently fixed on SoftRaid 6.

Apparently I must purchase six upgrades for each of my SoftRaid 5 licenses to obtain this fix. Is that correct? 

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There is a kernel bug in MacOS that affects users wtih lots of drives. At Shutdown, macOS tells each drive to flush its cache. It does this one at a time, not asynchronously. Larger drives can take a while to respond to macOS with a completion. That is the actual cause of this panic.

We created a workaround by having the SoftRAID driver unmount all volumes at shutdown. This fixes most cases of this problem.

You can do the same, unmount your volumes before shutting down, if you are staying with 5.8.4

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