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Does SoftRAID become up to date against macOS Big Sur

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Hello SoftRAID developers,


I'm currently considering the switch from Software AppleRAID because of performance and noted you're about to release SoftRAID 6 (finally!:), it looks like it's the only option if I want to use SSD drives in RAID with TRIM support.

It's already supports APFS (with encryption) and RAID6 which is awesome and especial thanks for that!


My main goal in current perspective is to get flawless macOS upgrades without worrying about storage system compatibility. I understand you cannot provide guarantees for that because Apple sometimes does something breaking right before release but I hope you could reply the following questions to provide the "overall picture" of how it goes.


- Does in Big Sur it's still required to disable Secure Boot on T2-enabled Macs ?

- What's the average time from macOS release to its support in SoftRAID?

- Do you have in plans to support adding disks to existent RAID for space expansion?

- Do you have in plans to support adding SSDs as a cache (with encryption if the volume is encrypted) for HDD RAIDs (like RAID0 of 2 SSDs as a cache for RAID6 of 6 HDDs)?


Thanks in advance.

Topic starter Posted : 18/11/2020 5:03 am
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First off, RAID 6 is not working yet, it is sample code in the beta . Do NOT use it.

We do not officially support encryption, as there is still at least one bug in OS X that causes kernel panics, it is being investigated.


Yes Secure Boot must be disabled. this should change in the next major OS release. (12? 11.1?)

Read this for more information on Secure Boot and SIP

We do not plan to enable adding disks to increase volume sizes.


We tested cache drives, but did not see the performance we expected. This is a feature in progress potentially.


Posted : 18/11/2020 9:41 am
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+1 for SSD cache

I'm using a Thunderbay 8 Flex with using two HDDs in RAID1 for my music and photo library and as the related apps constantly parse and index and update a multitude of small files, the performance is pretty slow. Sadly with a 256GB SSD for the system volume, there's only so much you can store there :/


Posted : 22/11/2020 11:23 am
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We do understand. Hopefully we can get something viable to the market at some point.

Posted : 22/11/2020 11:54 am