2 issues, very loud...
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2 issues, very loud Thunderbay 4 and RAID 5 not selectable.

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I purchased a Thunderbay 4 Thunderbolt 3.

1st issue:
When turned on for the first time, I was shocked how loud it is. I thought that you only should hear something when the drives are doing anything. It's so loud I can't handle it, really.

2nd issue:
I bought the RAID 5 version of the Thunderbay 4 with SoftRAID XT Lite. I entered the serial number into the app but there is no option for me to select RAID 5.
What is happening and what is the difference between SoftRAID XT vs XT Lite anyway?

Best regards from germany,

Topic starter Posted : 12/12/2018 4:22 pm
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While the noise is not something I can help with, I find the noise generated by the enclosure to be modest. Some drives can be louder than others, but rotating disks are by their very nature audible. they spin at high speeds, and while some are louder than others (even within the same model), they should not be intolerable.

What is not normal is if there is a squeal, loud whine, grinding sound, etc. You have to be the judge of the noise.

Make sure you are running SoftRAID XT, not XT Lite. SoftRAID Lite XT does not have the ability to create RAID 4/5 volumes.

Posted : 13/12/2018 1:26 pm