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Softraid 6: OWC Mercury Pro U.2 Dual with 4x ADATA SX8200 2TB very slow performance, unstable

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Posted by: @tal

Each bay in the U.2 Dual is two PCIe lanes

Each bay of the U.2 dual is x2, so a total of x4 (2+2). The point being is to use slot A and B in RAID0.

Since the total bandwidth of Thunderbolt is x4, two x2 drives in RAID0 will achieve a total of an x4 uplink. I'm presuming you're using two Shuttles (4 blade slots per Shuttle) for a total possible configuration of 8 blades? If so, a x4 to each bay would be overkill, since each blade would only be able to provide a subset of that before saturating the Thunderbolt bus.


Described differently, put one Phison blade in Slot A of the U.2 dual. Put the other blade in Slot B. RAID0 and you'll achieve full x4 bandwidth. The dual+shuttles combo allows you to use up to 8 blades, so 8x the capacity at a total of a x4 uplink. Does that make sense?

Posted : 28/12/2021 11:54 am
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