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Is resize issue fixed in 7.x?

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Trying to plan out my ventura/softraid7 upgrade and the known issues webpage isn't very clear about the state of the resize issue that stopped working after 6.0.5.

Is this now working in 7.x?

Posted : 16/12/2022 10:21 am
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No it is not working yet, we should have this fixed in 7.1 SoftRAID.

Posted : 16/12/2022 8:28 pm
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Is there a release date for 7.1? I am having the same issue with needing to resize my volume after replacing my 4x8TB drives with 4x18TB drives. I hope that this is an urgent priority for the SoftRAID team as this seems to be an issue stemming over a year now. I am on Ventura, so I cannot use any version of SoftRAID 6 to fix this issue.

Posted : 08/01/2023 7:04 am
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End of march is the current target to get this out.

Its possible we will have a beta fix for this well before that.

Posted : 08/01/2023 12:26 pm