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OS 10.15.4, Startup Security OFF, still can't update driver

New Member Customer

Once again, OS updated, SoftRaid doesn't work. But this time the usual workaround isn't working. I checked Startup Security; it's still off. But I'm getting this error: "Cant install SoftRAID driver. SoftRAID is unable to install a new copy of the SoftRAID driver due to a bug in Mac OS 10.15 Catalina..

I'd dump this computer if I had't spent $8000 on it. And I have at least 5 external devices that require SoftRAID. Is there another workaround?

Topic starter Posted : 25/03/2020 10:44 am
Member Admin

If you run this command in terminal, what is the output:

kextstat -b com.softraid.driver.SoftRAID

Posted : 25/03/2020 1:02 pm