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Thunderbay mini 4 RAID 0 system errors

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I have recently purchased a Thunderbay 4 mini and installed 2 x 4TB Samsung 870 EVO SSDs. I have configured them as RAID0 and disabled caching for maximum speed. They were in use for a few days.

Yesterday the computer got stuck at boot and had to be hard shutdown. Upon reboot, windows started scanning the RAID drive for errors. After it completely booted, some files on the RAID volume were missing, others had 0KB.

After looking at the system logs (event viewer -> system), there appear to be thousands(!) of errors of type "Event ID 11, Disk: The driver detected a controller error" starting right after I configured the RAID volume. I have disabled RAID and use the enclosure as a simple external drive.

Can you tell me how I can debug this issue or what could cause it? If I cannot create RAID volumes, the enclosure is of no use to me...

The computer is a Lenovo P15 2nd gen, the Thunderbay is connected directly to the native Thunderbolt port (no hubs etc.). Windows 10 with latest updates.

Topic starter Posted : 17/05/2022 3:22 am
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You should fill in a support form for this, at

Go here to save a Windows support file:

I think this is an IO communication error, you may be able to resolve by going back a version. It should be fixed soon.

Posted : 17/05/2022 11:48 am