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Partition map issue

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I have two Thunderbay 4 boxes running RAID 5 in each with Softraid 5.6.7, each Thunderbay has 4X1TB drives.

Yesterday one of the drives reported a reallocated sector with drive failure predicted. Prior to this report my iMac had spontaneously rebooted a couple of times but got to the point where the iMac would just feeze and shortly afterwards spontaneously reboot.

Anyway, a replacement drive has been ordered and I have temporaqrily replaced it with an old spare drive just to ensure I still have some redundancy until the new one arrives.

Out of curiosity I ran Techtool Pro's partition map check on each of the individual drives and for the Thunderbay with the failing drive it reports partition map errors on the temporary replacement drive. Worse, the other Thunderbay reports partition map errors on several drives.

None of these errors are reported by Softraid so is it something to be concerned about and should I repair the partition maps on the individual drives.

Topic starter Posted : 28/06/2018 5:40 am
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My first question is how can TTP report partition map errors on the replacement drive? It should not even have a volume/partition map on it, unless it is complaining it cannot read it (as it is not there)

You can not run partition map checks on drives, only volumes. Applications like TTP ,etc, do not know the SoftRAID disk structure, you can cannot expect valid results.

The volume directory is another matter. I would run Disk Warrior on it, so to test if there is actually any issue with the volume directory.

Posted : 28/06/2018 12:28 pm