Thank you SoftRAID!
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Thank you SoftRAID!

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I wanted to send a big thanks out to the Softraid Support team.  SoftRAID is an awesome product and provides a critical function to us users.   Softraid is really dependent on the OS to be stable and provide a working foundation for them to operate on.   Recently I suffered from random reboots every 15 seconds to 15 minutes.   To be honest, I was ready to throw my iMac and external raid enclosures out the window.   3 weeks of pain was more than I could handle.  Apple told me they could not support a beta release so I downgraded to the latest release and still had issues.  All along the Softraid team provided amazing support to me.   At one point, I was so frustrated and brain dead ,  I formatted the wrong drive and lost a large amount of data,  my computer was not usable... Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected the problem to be a badly seated memory DIMM.  Mark suggested a list of things to try excluding the things that I thought were wrong.    Bingo,  I ran Techtool's memory diag and sure enough it reported a memory issue.  I reseated the DIMMs and sure enough,  my system has been stable for 5 days,  no random reboots!    I am sure the SoftRAID team gets the finger pointed for lots of issues,   I am in fact one who did that.    So I am going to publicly apologize for not being open minded to think that It was in fact my iMac which was the problem.   This is a great company and team ,  I want to send my appreciation out to them for all they do.  I am able to use my iMac and all this wonderful NVME M.2 storage I have purchased with SoftRAID.  Thanks again.    Ira

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