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An open forum for making suggestions. We are happy to hear ideas from users.

We have a list of features to be added to 6.0.1, and welcome new ideas, which we will consider.

Topic starter Posted : 01/04/2021 11:15 am
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I would like to see the ability to view larger text, as a preference.  

I can't wear glasses for another year or so ( medicine makes my eyesight change somewhat from day to day) and right now have to resort to using my old darkroom Zeiss loupe.  

Posted : 02/04/2021 2:52 pm
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Good suggestion!

We are investigating disability enhancements to SoftRAID, so this would fit right in.

Topic starter Posted : 02/04/2021 2:57 pm
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What ever happened to RAID-6 support?  Been hanging onto the beta chain just waiting for that feature item which always seemed like - "it's coming"...

Today happy to see the new version - promptly updated - then realized it was the formal release and now debating whether it's worth $99 upgrade without the RAID6 support teased for so long or I have to drop all the way back to the last SoftRaid 5.x code level... my RAID setup hangs off an older MacMini so don't need more than Catalina support, but I really wanted RAID6.  

To highlight the importance of RAID6 - just spent 42 hours in a rebuild after a disk failed, including running the verify on the disk that was to be the replacement.  So that was 42 hours without any protection other than backup, and I dread the day the whole thing barfs and I need 25TB from Backblaze.  RAID6 isn't a panacea for sure, but it at least adds a modicum of protection when rebuild times encroach on the likelihood of a 2nd failure.


Posted : 04/04/2021 2:29 am
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We were not going to complete RAID 6 support before releasing SoftRAID 6, so we had to remove it. It is still in our plans, however.

Topic starter Posted : 04/04/2021 10:45 am