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[Sticky] Avast: SoftRAID "Infection Blocked" alerts

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As of January 18, 2019, the Avast Anti-virus definitions incorrectly added SoftRAID to their virus definitions.

We carefully checked SoftRAID using Google Anti-virus scan, and it is clean.

We reported this problem to Avast and are waiting for this issue to be resolved on their end, probably with the next file definitions update.

In the meantime, you can disable file scan temporarily. If you want to disable the alerts, but keep file scan working, you need to add every SoftRAID component as it is reported by Avast, which is tedious..

We hope to have a quick resolution to this.

Thanks for your patience on this issue.

Topic starter Posted : 21/01/2019 6:49 pm
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I'm using AVG Antivirus and it also blocked softraid from launching and placed the application into quarantine. This occurred on 1/21/19 after the program updated the virus definitions to 19012104. I think since AVG and Avast merged, they are using the same scanning engine.

Posted : 21/01/2019 11:34 pm
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We are aware of the AVG, but their file update was a few days afterwards, so we presumed they used the same definitions.

Note: Avast notified us that the problem has been resolved. They have "white listed" SoftRAID.

You may need to download a fresh copy of SoftRAID of SoftRAID and reinstall the driver, depending on your Avast settings.

Topic starter Posted : 22/01/2019 12:00 am