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Mac Studio - access SoftRAID volumes from external USB boot

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When I boot my Mac Studio from an external USB drive (Samsung T5) running either Monterey or Ventura, the SoftRAID volumes won't mount.

The 3rd-party kernel extension isn't loading. 

Yes, I've changed the Startup Options to reduced security and ticked "Allow user management of kernel extensions from identified developers" FOR EACH BOOT DEVICE.

Yes, I've clicked "Allow software from OWC" in the Privacy and Security section (when offered).

Yes, I've enabled "Full Disk Access" to SoftRAID 7 under "Security and Privacy".

I've read some comments that 3rd party kernel extensions are always disabled when booting from an external drive. 

I assume that's my issue, but I haven't found any reference to that on this forum.


Topic starter Posted : 16/11/2022 12:17 pm
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Yes, this is an Apple Silicon limitation, no third party drivers will be installed on external disks.

Maybe Apple will remove this at some point, but as of today, this has not changed.

Posted : 16/11/2022 12:41 pm