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Rebuilding fails when replacing failed drive

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Hey guys, I’ve got SoftRAID 6.3 set up on an older Mac Mini (2012) with 6 Seagate 5TB 2,5” (“Backup Plus Portable”) external drives connected via powered USB hub. I have these set up as RAID 5 array that runs as a 24/7 Media Server, the drives were purchased in 2020, the RAID created under SoftRAID 5. In the last weeks one drive failed and I replaced it with the same model, while syncing that new drive another drive gave me read errors and rebuilding failed. Tried rebuilding multiple times over the last days and it fails every time.

I’m not sure what to do here now, I can’t replace another drive before the new drive is fully synced without losing data, correct? Right now it looks like I can still access all my files.

Is there any way any of this was caused by or would be able to be resolved with SoftRAID?

According to SoftRAID the failing drives have been running 20.000 hours now - should they already start failing one by one?

Thanks for your help!

Topic starter Posted : 21/09/2022 1:32 pm
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With USB drives it is hard to predict failure. try this: In SoftRAID preferences, make sure in disk prefs, "SMART USB" is checked. then restarting and wait 5 minutes before connecting the disks. Run SoftRAID. Is there any data in the (expanded) disk column after SMART? You want to see pass/fail so you are getting the SMART data from the drives. Apple makes it difficult, but this works on older macOS versions.

If so, then see if any drives show "Predicted failure."


25000 hours is about when disks failures start happening with greater frequency, but remember if you do not have the disks on a power conditioner, brownouts can also cause drives to fail prematurely.

Posted : 21/09/2022 4:17 pm