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Rebuilding, Waiting for Mount

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I have an M1 iMac with a RAID 5 array in a Thunderbay4. I tried to follow the directions to upgrade a 3T drive to a 5T drive (the first to upgrade the whole set) and the RAID won't mount to start the rebuild process. I understand that the directory is probably corrupted. 

What's the best way to fix this? I have duplicate Time Machine backups on separate drives.


Topic starter Posted : 28/09/2021 7:06 pm
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Attach a SoftRAID tech support file, so I can check whether this is a directory issue, or a driver loading issue.

Posted : 29/09/2021 12:10 am
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@softraid-support, Late last night I noticed that the drive did, in fact, mount, and this morning the RAID array showed the new drive had been rebuilt. Thank you for responding to my inquiry.

Topic starter Posted : 29/09/2021 4:11 pm