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Feature Request - Option to turn off Autoscroll of Volumes list

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One thing that gets in the way is the way that SoftRAID automatically re-scrolls the list of volumes when performing operations. This often gets in the way, especially when multiple operations are being done in a row, because the way it does it now may not lend itself well to what the user is trying to accomplish.

I would ask that either an option be given to turn this off or at least change the behaviour that if the volume being operated on is already visible in the list that the autoscroll does NOT kick in.

Otherwise what often happens is if you have a long list of volumes and have scrolled to show just the ones you want, the autoscroll will push those volumes of the screen just to position the current volume (often in an inappropriate place to the task at hand).

Topic starter Posted : 18/10/2020 8:08 am
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