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Renaming RAID

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Hi I have just installed SoftRAID lite for testing my Mac. I have my RAID configured as Data RAID 1, Photo RAID 1 and Videos RAID 1. I purchased some new disks today and have created and new mirror set for testing. I am currently using Goodsync to copy all the data from Photo RAID 1 to the new RAID. After this is complete I would like to disconnect my old raid drives and rename the SoftRAID to Photo RAID 1. This will allow my Lightroom database to find my photos. I see that I can click on the drive on my desktop and rename but is that all I really need to do? Thank you for any help.



Topic starter Posted : 26/12/2015 8:32 pm
Member Admin

Yes that is all you need to do. A SoftRAID volume works like any other volume to the Finder.

Its possible you may need to "tweak" lightroom, we have had a couple reports where Lightroom is not sure what to do with SoftRAID volume, it may be possible you need to publish/share them as a setting. Without Lightroom in house, we can't give the exact step, but should not be hard to figure out if Lightroom does not see your SoftRAID volume. Good luck!

Posted : 27/12/2015 12:38 am