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Best strategy to manage volumes on a raid

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I am going to have a thunderbay 4 raid 5 array which I’m planning on keeping either one or(at most) 2 partitions. 

the goal is to replace a hodgepodge of old external drives with the array. 

many of my apps are configured for certain files on certain hard drives right now. 

to avoid having to reconfigure all my apps to point their various locations to a new folder on the array, how would this work:


create disk image files on the array that are named the same as the actual drives. 
Copy the info from the drive to the corresponding disk image(that has been mounted and looks like an actual new drive)

Rinse and repeat for all my drives. 

this way I will have N number of disk images on the partition of the raid array which are mounted and appear as the same N number of volumes they now replace. 

the apps and so forth all “see” the new volumes and for all intents and purposes consider them to be the same as the *actual* physical hard drives they are replacing. 

As far as I can tell this should work but I don’t know if running multiple disk images on an array is bad for it or something?  I really want to make the right decision before I commit to moving all my data on to the array. 

is there any difference than just sucking it up and throwing all my stuff in folders on the array instead of maintaining the drive name paradigm? 


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I do not think your idea will work, as applications do not use the volume name, they should use the VolumeID. That way, there is no confusion when two volumes with the same name are present. You can test this and find out.

If you wrote scripts, that use volume names, that might or might not work, as the path's would be different.

(A mounted disk image, may appear the same as a normal volume, you need to test this.)

There is no reason you cannot have multiple disk images, though.

Posted : 27/02/2021 12:35 pm
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I see your point, I’m primarily thinking of things like Plex library, iTunes library, and so forth which afaik allow me to set pathnames for locations( e.g.: /Volumes/DiskOne/Plexlibrarypath/




I was not aware they used VolumeID for these things(I thought it was only the path name as above) so thank you for the pointer!  I don’t suppose there’s a way to “clone” the VolumeID from the old drive to the new image? I’ll be looking for that solution now. 

Topic starter Posted : 27/02/2021 1:14 pm
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Carbon Copy Cloner, yes.


Test it out before you commit. CCC lets you save to a image file. Mount it and test your theory.

Posted : 27/02/2021 6:06 pm