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Is it ok to change the optimization setting on a drive currently in use (ie: RAID 5 about half full).  Or will changing the optimization require re-formatting or otherwise erasing data?  Would like to change from workstation to video optimization. Thx

Topic starter Posted : 07/07/2022 10:14 am
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You can change optimization any time, even during a rebuild.

Volume optimization for RAID 4/5/10 is primarily setting rebuilding priority, so you do not get interrupted when working on audio/video, where lost frames are a big issue. So when you are working, there is no rebuild activity.

Workstation rebuilds constantly regardless of workflow.

Server rebuilds at maximum speed, even if it causes the user environment to slow down somewhat.


In day to day use, optimization does not really do anything.

Posted : 07/07/2022 11:21 am