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Temporay degraded error/2 missing disks error message

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I have been using Softraid Lite in RAID 1 and I mistakenly downloaded and opened/ran what I thought was an update Softraid Lite, but was actually the full version of Softraid. I deleted the Softraid and reverted back to using Softraid Lite.

When I now open Lite from the icon in the toolbar it momentarily gives me the error warning with an exclamation mark and says in red:

'degraded . 2 missing secondary disks'

and then shows the normal setup for the Raid 1 setup.

It only started happening after I mistakenly opened and tried to run the full version of Softraid.

What should i do? Or is it not a problem?

Thanks in advance, Michael

Topic starter Posted : 23/11/2017 1:38 pm