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Raid to no-RAID?

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I have a RAID-5 array with 4 disks and I'd like to just use the disks individually, and manage backup manually. I'm not sure what to do in SoftRAID to make this happen.  Do I "Delete a Volume" 4 times? Will this also delete the SoftRAID drivers and just make the disks "normal" again?


Topic starter Posted : 28/06/2021 10:10 am
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In SoftRAID:

Disable Safeguard, then delete the volume

Now select the 4 disk tiles.

"Zero disk" and select 100 sectors, when prompted.

This will wipe the disks so Disk Utility will see them as new.

If you do not want SoftRAID update alerts, you can either "uninstall SoftRAID" from utilities menu, or in SoftRAID preferences, set "check for updates" to never.

SoftRAID will still monitor disks for predicted failure, but otherwise be inactive.

Posted : 28/06/2021 11:22 am
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@softraid-support Thank you so much!  I actually decided not to do this - I like having 6 TB of safe space, and TBH the extra 2 I'd get wouldn't make up for the hassle of self-managing the backups.

Now, however, I'd like to know if it's possible to allocate a volume from my array to act as a separate disk because Apple's stupid TimeMachine requires its own **drive** to manage!!  Can I create a couple 200 gig virtual disks from within my 6 TB RAID-5 storage?

Topic starter Posted : 03/07/2021 2:51 pm
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SoftRAID RAID volumes do not have to be the full disk, so yes, you can create two separate volumes on your disks, one for each computer.

Posted : 03/07/2021 7:36 pm