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Split a volume

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Hi, I converted a hard drive to be monitored by Softraid. The drive is 4 TB and is unique, meaning it is not related to any raid type. I wanted to split the volume into two parts so that I could use one part for backup and another part for temporary storage of some files. I saw that in the menus of the program you can only use the "resize". There is no "split" function. But what happens if the "resize" function? Does it split the hard disk into two parts? Or does it only reduce the size of the whole disk? Thank you very much.


Topic starter Posted : 01/01/2022 6:53 am
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Resize can only shrink the volume, assuming there is space available. And we make an Apple call, so it can be very slow, if there are files at the end of the volume.


Best is to probably just backup, delete, create a new volume (or 2) and copy back.

Posted : 01/01/2022 11:46 am
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Ok, thank you very much!

Topic starter Posted : 05/01/2022 9:41 am