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wrong drive initialized, dumb mistake, any advice?

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Hi everyone,

I may know the answer. I may even be in the wrong forum but.....

I've used hardware RAID and MAC/OS software RAID for a decade or so. I finally got around to replacing ALL my drives last week when a drive failed in 0. No panicking. I back everything up every few days.

But this time I figured I'd splurge and take my OWC Thunderbay IV this route and go RAID 5 finally. I got the 30-day trial and off I went. I installed the software and wasn't paying attention during the initializing process.

Like the idiot I am, it seems I didn't remove the backup drives from the system, they looked very much like the new WD Golds in the menu, and I initialized them. So I have two drives initialized with what I wanted to put back on the RAID, but I did nothing more. Recovery software seems to be working though it will be a slog to rebuild projects on account of the metatag data being gone and all the names being changed.

My question is simple, is there a better way to walk back/recovery from my mistake than using a Disk Drill type application? Asking for a dumb friend, who has the same name as me.

My bad. But it definitely spooked me regarding the Software. So I'm pausing for a bit, gathering my thoughts, and dealing with this 12T task.

Topic starter Posted : 20/06/2020 12:17 pm
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This problem is why we created the "Safeguard" feature. When you create a volume with SoftRAID, it is Safeguarded by default, which prevents you from erasing or deleting the volume with SoftRAID until you disable Safeguard.

Unfortuately, Disk Drill is probably your best attempt at recovery.
Since you deleted your volume, I do not think Disk Warrior can recovery anything, as it needs a volume to scan.

I did a test a few years ago of recovery applications and Disk Drill and R-Studio were way out in front. However, R-Studio had onerous copy protection and registration restrictions, so I generally recommend Disk Drill. You can try it and see if they have a easier demo period. Disk Drill at least allows a full scan before purchase.

Unfortunately, I think you are stuck with what you are doing.
Keep in mind that files which are fragmented may only be partially recovered, as there is no directory to put the pieces together again. this is a feature Disk Drill would do well to add (scan for backup directory)

Be aware, an SSD is even harder if not impossible to recovery from in this scenario.
And APFS volumes are worse, as files are completely fragmented.

Posted : 21/06/2020 1:30 am