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Shuffling disks within OWC Thunderbay enclosures

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I have three Thunderbay enclosures that I have used to create Raid5 volumes using 4 drives. One of those enclosures is older, with thunderbolt 2 connector, and I'd like to relocate the 4 drives in that to one of the enclosures with USB-C. Am I able to simply move the drives, and SoftRAID will find them again?

Topic starter Posted : 24/08/2022 10:37 am
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Yes, there is no RAID specific information on either the system, or enclosure, so you can move drives to any new enclosure.

Get a Thunderbolt 3 enclosure, (same connector), don't try to save money by going to USB.

Posted : 24/08/2022 1:43 pm
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@softraid-support Thanks for the reply. Thunderbolt 3 uses the USB-C cable, so yeah...

Topic starter Posted : 24/08/2022 2:18 pm