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macOS Monterey 12.3 and SoftRAID 6.2.1 crashes Apps constantly when adding attachments... (MacBook Pro M1 Max)

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Hoping since months for Updates to solve my existing Performance Problems with my 8TB Thunderblade I am now facing new - more problematic - issues.

After updating MacOS Monterey to 12.3 and using the final version of SoftRAID 6.2.1 I have the following situation:

- The Thunderblade itself is running fine. I can copy files to the Blade, use it as a Time Machine drive, create a new Raid and partitions. Still not the performance I know is possible, but at least it is working stable. Also the Kernel Panics when the Macbook (M1) goes into sleep are finally gone. 

- The issue is now, that numerous applications are "crashing" when I try to add attachments within the Application. Until now this applies to Apple Mail and Microsoft Teams.

- When writing an Email in Apple Mail I try to add an attachment (file) either with Drag and Drop or by selecting "add file" within the Application. What happens is, that the "beachball" comes directly and the application hangs up. I have to force it to end.

- Same happens in Microsoft Teams when I do the same within a chat message.

- The problem occurs also when the Thunderblade is NOT attached to the MacBook, as long as the driver is installed.

Then I uninstalled the SoftRAID App and Driver, made a restart and instantly everything works fine again.

What could it be ??? In the past I could at least use the Thunderblade with limited performance, but now I cannot use it at all :-( 

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Topic starter Posted : 15/03/2022 4:52 am
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Testing further I noticed, that not only attaching files in several Applications causes the Application to hang up, but also just opening a file in an Application shows the same behavior. E.g. open File in Excel, Xmind, etc. 

Notice - the files to be opened or attached are NOT stored on the Thunderblade but on the system drive...

Notice 2 - I just wanted to create the support file for your analysis within the SoftRAID app, also there the App crashes and its not possible to store the file which is being created.

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I cannot imagine this problem. If you disconnect the Thunderblade, and restart, does the Application hang happen? (Then the SoftRAID driver is not loaded at all)

If you reinstall the SoftRAID driver, then without the Thunderblade, the Applications start crashing?


If so, connect the thunderblade, save a support file via terminal and attach it.

softraidtool generatereport ~/Desktop/MaxKoenig.3.16.22.sr_supt

Maybe include a couple crash logs from two different apps that crash. Maybe there is a clue.
(Paste them into text edit, "Make plain text", and save, you can attach .txt files.)

the SoftRAID driver is passive, it does not even load if there are no SoftRAID disks connected.

Posted : 15/03/2022 11:05 am