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SoftRaid 6.1 and ZFS kext conflict?

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Hello, I was running SoftRaid 6.05 and ZFS 2.1.0 on MacOs 11.6 and both drivers would load themselves fine on each reboot.   I updated to softraid 6.1 and upon reboot, both softraid and zfs would not load at first.  I could not load either driver via terminal commands, the command would complete but the drivers would not load.  I tried reinstalling softraid 6.05 and 6.1 but that didn't help.


I used terminal commands to fully uninstall the SoftRaid driver/program and the ZFS driver.  Next I installed ZFS by itself and the ZFS driver was able to load itself automatically at startup.

Next I reinstalled Softraid 6.1 and the softraid driver loads fine on startup, but the ZFS driver no longer loads automatically but it works fine if I load in manually through terminal commands.     

I then uninstalled softraid 6.1 and reinstalled 6.0.5 and confirmed when running softraid 6.0.5 and zfs together, both drivers load atomically at startup.

I wanted to be on the latest version of softraid, so I updated back to 6.1 and the ZFS driver no longer automatically loads on reboot. 


I know there are some kext bugs in Macos 11.6.   Is there a possibility a change made in SoftRaid 6.1 that wasn't present in 6.0.5 is making the ZFS driver unable to load at startup?


I realize there probably aren't too many people running both SoftRaid and ZFS on the same Mac, so I understand if troubleshooting compatibility between the two may be beyond the scope of softraid support.  


Thanks so much.

Topic starter Posted : 09/10/2021 10:54 am
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It is not a ZFS conflict per se, it is a side effect of the workaround for a Big Sur bug that does not load all drivers at startup. So we added code to manually load the driver at startup. I think this exposed a different bug in Big Sur, where when that command is run, it stops loading other drivers.

Can you try this: download the latest Mojave beta. See if the patch Apple put in, fixes this issue, it might.

You will need to use the beta 6.2 to load SoftRAID, however.

Posted : 09/10/2021 1:30 pm