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Pre-Purchase: Softraid 5 + Caldigit T3 Thunderbolt 2 + 10.9.5 / 10.13.6

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has this combination been successfully tested in RAID-5 mode or can somebody provide their experiences with this setup? Does Softraid Monitor work properly in this setup and get all relevant SMART parameters for drive failure prediction?

I've read about a working config of Softraid 5 + RAID-5 + Caldigit T3 Thunderbolt 1 but I haven't found anything for the Thunderbolt 2 version of this enclosure.


Topic starter Posted : 02/01/2019 1:11 pm
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I did test with a CalDigit TB2 enclosure. Yes, in JBOD mode, SoftRAID sees all disks as "raw disks" and everything worked as expected. Performance was good, replacing drives worked, rebuilding, etc. There were no issues.

We did not get in a CalDigit TB3 enclosure to test, however.

I do not see that this would have changed. In RAID mode, of course, the drives are "hidden" from the OS, so SoftRAID cannot monitor SMART data. In JBOD mode, it will work like any standard Thunderbolt enclosure.

I have seen a fair number of Promise and LaCie enclosures using SoftRAID in JBOD mode. Not so many CalDigit users, though. I do not know whether that is a reflection of how CalDigit users work with their enclosures, or if this is just reflective of market share.

Posted : 02/01/2019 1:30 pm