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SoftRAID vs Fusion

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Has the following configuration been tested...

SoftRAID with an External HDD and Internal Flash Blade (Apples product)


Apples Fusion (say the 2TB or 3TB with the iMac 2017 that used the 128GB Flash for Fusion)

I am thinking opting for the Apple Flash Blades with an external TB drive might be more effect than the Fusion option especially in light of 4GB one way caching that the Mac Performance site mentions.

I am also keen to know if a configuration like a 1TB flash blade and a 10TB HDD via TB3 is more efficacious than the 2Tb or 3TB fusion setup.

Not to easy to setup and find out but I am thinking OWC could do it.

Topic starter Posted : 06/07/2017 10:44 pm
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Fusion is a kind of stripe volume, where the SSD is pasted to the beginning of the disk.

SoftRAID performs RAID, where equal amounts of data are stored on both disks.

We do not have a substitute for fusion at this time.

If you were to Stripe them, your volume is 2x the internal blade. So you can mirror it or stripe it.

Mirror gives you availability if either device fails
Stripe gives you better performance, but if either fails all data is lost.

A mirror can be to either another SSD, or a HDD. (reads will be from SSD, writes to both disks)
A stripe will give you performance, but you have the risk of data loss when either disk fails (all disks fail eventually)

Your external can be connected via Thunderbolt, and you will get fantastic performance if your external is a 1TB SSD. (like the OWC Envoy Pro)

Hope this helps!

Posted : 07/07/2017 12:11 pm