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1 unreliable sector - replace or test?

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I returned home today to find my iMac had restarted itself. Then SoftRAID reported a failing drive - and when I looked into it it has a single unreliable sector, zero reallocated sectors.

I read that this could merely be due to power failure. Is it therefore sensible that I test the drive rather than replace it?

If so, how do I do this? It is one of 6 drives in a raid 1+0.

Topic starter Posted : 09/03/2020 5:33 pm
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A single failure may not be deadly, but is an indicator a drive has started to fail.

You can maintain good backups and keep using it, and see if a second bad sector develops. (verify disk is useful also to make sure the entire disk is readable)

When it comes to replace, buy a new disk same size or larger.
(recommend that you certify it first)
Initialize it
"remove disk" from the volume in SoftRAID
"Add disk" in SoftRAID and let it rebuild.

Posted : 10/03/2020 11:27 am