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MyBook i/o error when waking up from sleep

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TL;DR I get a read error message in SoftRAID every time my external Western Digital My Book 10TB wakes up from sleep. Is there a way to either prevent the drive from sleeping or help SoftRAID understand what's actually happening?
I have been using SoftRAID XT for about a year with a couple of ThunderBays on a mid-2014 Mac Mini, no problems.

I recently bought an external 10TB Western Digital My Book with a USB 3.0 SS port. I thought it would be good to have access to the suite of diagnostic tools in SoftRAID so I upgraded from XT to the full version.

I did a default (3-pass plus 15 minutes of random access) certify on the 10TB and it passed. So I initialized the disk and created a new non-RAID single volume through SoftRAID. Then I started copying data onto the disk and verifying the data with some checksum software.

It gave me an I/O error, which I thought was strange for a brand new drive that had just passed certification the day before. So I ran a validation on the volume, which it passed.

After some research, I learned that some My Book drives go to sleep regardless of the settings on your Mac. What I noticed happening was that whenever the drive goes to sleep (which it does, automatically and often, regardless of settings) and then it wakes up, SoftRAID interprets that wake up process as a read error and gives me an error message.

I can tell that's what's happening because I've continued using the drive and it has given me 7 read errors now and each time the "read error" coincides with the sleeping external drive waking up and I can hear the drive physically spinning up as SoftRAID gives me the error message.

Topic starter Posted : 08/07/2019 2:03 pm
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We would have to investigate this, I am not sure if there is a solution. SoftRAID is not creating the error, the disk is reporting an error. (OS X probably ignores this error).

Ask WD if there is a fix/setting to prevent this. In the meantime I can investigate but it would be weeks or months before we would know anything, as I do not have a WD that has this problem. I have one, but it seems to work fine waking from sleep.

Posted : 09/07/2019 12:32 am