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"Certified" label Disk disappear after upgrade 10.15.3

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"Certified" label Disk disappear after upgrade 10.15.3


I upgrade my Macbook Pro 16 today to 10.15.3 catalina.

I have a Thunderbay 4 thunderbolt 3 with softRaid XT and 4 HDD inside 10 Tb Toshiba Enterprise.

Well, when I finish the upgrade 10.15.3 and reboot...

I can se the icon volumes RAID 5 with a red exclamation on top and I can see that the blue dot in the top bar menu on the finder disappear...

I run the app softRaid and the app when launch tell me I need upgrade the driver... I can see in the right botton window app that the SoftRAID XT version is 5.8.1 and the driver is 5.6.8 ... what!???
(I sure that my softraid was the latest version both, 5.8.1, app and driver)

Well, keep calm, I remember that the Mac's with T2 Chip needs reboot to secure boot disabled... I confirm that secure boot is disabled (reboot with comand+R and see in the startup security Utility), reboot, run SoftRaid and upgrade the driver to 5.8.1 controller. Need to restart the MacBook Pro 16 and all are fine, icon volumes, blue dot app top bar menu, but... when launch SoftRaid xt...

I can see that the label "certified" of my HDD's disappear and I can not see this "certified" in any place...
(I take a long time and a few days to certificate all of my 10 Tb HDD's!!!)

Where I can see that my HDD's are certificated with 0 errors?

Thanks in advance for your support

Topic starter Posted : 05/02/2020 9:32 pm
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Looks like the only problem is the disk label.
Note when you certify a disk, every sector is overwritten, and there is no disk format.

The SoftRAID log should show you whether the disks completed the certify. When you initialize the disks with SoftRAID, we try to remember the prior disk label, so it may reappear when you initialize.

Posted : 07/02/2020 7:02 pm
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After three days, do not show anything about certificate, and in the log I don't see anything else about this, after upgrade 10.15.3... (I attach screen capture)

Maybe this is not important, the label ... I keep screenshots when SoftRaid finished certifying the disks ... it doesn't matter, the really important thing is that the 4 HDDs finished the certification and validation test with 0 errors

I want to ask another question.

In the preference tab Disk, in the option "Save i/o count to disk" I can read in the help:
"Save i/o counts to disk This preference controls when the SoftRAID driver writes out i/o and error counts for disks and volumes. For Macs that are used as workstations and are shutdown every evening and restarted every morning, use the “At system shutdown or restart” setting. For laptops that are rarely shutdown, use the "Every 24 hours" setting. For servers, use the “Every 1 hour” setting. If your Mac is used for editing or displaying digital video, select the “Only when system idle” option to prevent dropped frames during video capture or playback."

My workflow is the same, shutdown evening and restart morning (I don't know if this shutdown and restart every days have any "extra" risk to my HDD and Thunderbay... but my thunderbay4 is plug to my macbookPro in one thunderbolt, and I shutdown the laptop when finishing my daywork every night...)

... but my options menu preferences about this, only show three options on "Periodically" checkbox: every 15 min, every hour or every 24 h...
(nothing about “At system shutdown or restart” )
which do I choose?
what is your recommendation?
Perhaps you choose the checkbox "Before putting computer to sleep" and don't choose the checkbox "Periodically"?
(It's this option the same about I read in the helper preferences “At system shutdown or restart” ?)

Thanks in advance!!
... and sorry for ask this question in this thread and for my bad english!! :(

Topic starter Posted : 09/02/2020 6:40 am
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This is a feature we changed slightly, but did not update the help.

Use every 24 hours in your case.
We auto save in any case every shutdown/restart. These settings are additional.

Posted : 09/02/2020 1:34 pm