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I cannot reset error count on the disk that I am trying to certify

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notice of failing drive, so I want to certify the drive but before that I want to reset error counter so I am only dealing with new errors. The menu item clear I/O errors is grayed out. I also want to know if certifying drive will map all the bad sectors and allow me to. continue to use the drive, or if I should just retire the drive. (sledgehammer)


Topic starter Posted : 18/08/2020 11:16 am
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The concept of tracking IO errors only applies to disks with a SoftRAID partition map, so there is a place to store the data. A certified disk has no partition map at all.


WHile a certify can map out bad sectors, in a modern disk that concept is obsolete. A disk with even a single reallocated sector can be used, but should never be used for anything important, as it is much more likely to fail. If the disk has "unreliable", "Pending", then a certify may clear the sectors, if they prove to be able to read/write. Once a sector is reallocated, SoftRAID will predict failure, and this is a permanent condition.


Multiple studies have demonstrated that the single most indicative statistic of a forthcoming failure is the presence of one or more reallocated sectors. Such a drive might last another year or more, but on average, it is 40 times more likely than a normal disk to fail (each day).

Posted : 18/08/2020 1:24 pm