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"Invalid data in Softraid status partition" - is it ok to just re-initialize?

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I asked recently about fastest route to upgrade an existing Raid 10 and support was a great help. All the 14TB drives and the new ThunderBay 6 arrived tonight.

I Initialized in Softraid then for some reason my brain made me go to Disk Utility to format as Extended Journaled. It seemed to get stuck forever (aka "greater than 3 but less than 5 minutes") at "Creating partition map" and I ran out of this week's allotment of patience sometime Monday afternoon so I just force-quit & shut everything down.

After a "count to 10 and reboot", I saw the error:

"One of the SoftRAID disks contains invalid data in the SoftRAID status partition. Please contact SoftRAID technical support at for help with this disks."

I was going to email support as the message directed, but like I said, no patience left. I figured since these are all new disks, I'd only touched the 1 disk so far, all other disks (except startup disk & time machine) were ejected and unplugged before boot, and I know why it was invalid (because I canceled Disk Utility mid-format), all I did was just rerun Softraid's "Initialize" routine. After a shutdown, pause, start up again, the error didn't reappear and everything seems to be fine, so I kicked off the terminal command to Certify the disks. (Because, again, no patience.)

I'm assuming what I did was fine and not a big deal and won't impact the Certification process or future use of the drive, but if for any reason I just screwed things up and am about to learn an expensive lesson, please let me know.

Thank you. (And yes, I'm already aware I'm an idiot.)

Topic starter Posted : 02/10/2019 12:34 am
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No you are fine. All that happened was the internal time for SoftRAID when trying to initialize the drive timed out, and you had to do it again. no big deal. This cannot hurt the drives.

Posted : 02/10/2019 7:43 am
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Ok, thank you.

Topic starter Posted : 02/10/2019 5:19 pm