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Removing SoftRaid from MAC Pro Trashcan drive

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Currently running (testing) SoftRaid from 4 disk volume using external disks as boot drive. If I feel confident will then Convert my 1TB main MAC OS Extended Journaled Drive to SoftRaid with a 3 disk Raid 1 array. If I decide at some point that I don't like that, am I correct that I would need to zero my 1TB main drive and then erase or repartition it? If so any ideas on how long the zero process might take?

Is there a better way to get my main drive back to non-SoftRaid but standard OSX 10.2.6 setup?

Thanks for any help.

Topic starter Posted : 29/02/2020 9:05 am
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Zero disk takes a few seconds.
Another way is boot from external.
Split mirror, so you only have one disk on your internal disk.
Use SoftRAID to "convert" to non RAID'
Use SoftRAID to "Convert" to Apple format.

Make sure you convert to non RAID first, as Apple RAID Mirror volumes that are missing a disk are generally non bootable.

Posted : 01/03/2020 11:12 am