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Can I migrate existing 10TB disk to SoftRaid?

New Member Customer

I've got a 10TB drive in a USB-c housing, and it's working fine.

I'd like to add a second drive and mirror the two with SoftRaid.

Can I do something along the lines of:

Add the second drive to my housing
Certify/Verify/Init this single drive as part of a RAID Mirror
Copy all my files over
Certify/Verify/Init the 'old' drive and then add it to the RAID Mirror.

Or am I going to have to save the data somewhere, build the array (losing all my existing data), and then restore all my data from the backup?


Topic starter Posted : 19/12/2019 7:37 am
Member Admin

You are making it too hard!

After you certify the disk, initialize it.
In SoftRAID select your existing volume and "Convert".
Convert to Mirror and add this new disk to your volume.
It will rebuild in the background.
You can use your volume while it is rebuilding.

Posted : 19/12/2019 1:20 pm