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How to change Read-Only Secondary to Primary?

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2012MacPro running up-to-date X.12.6 and full version SoftRAID 5.8.1 running three Voyager Q bays on two different USB3 eSATA cards.

3 disk mirror with read-only secondary(ROS) and off-site ROS (previous 5.7ish SoftRAID driver)

Unusual Behavior:
Primary disk shows red drive read light when switched on, but doesn't show up in SoftRAID disk or volume panel. When I restart and switch primary disk to another Voyager bay, I experience the same behavior so I _suspect_ the primary disk has _failed_. The ROS shows up fine in SoftRAID disk and volume panel.

Disk Utility shows the primary as an external physical disk having orange bar with a 2.3MB, 7.3Mb and 2TB details- Disk FirstAid says everything is OK. (The ROS has a blue & white bar with Used 1.35TB, Purgeable 549bytes, and free 649GB). This suggests something wrong with primary to me.

Diskwarrior 5.1 does not show the primary disk in the directory menu, but the primary disk shows up in the Hardware Tab with Volumes [Not Available]. The test device button says the drive is functioning normally. (The ROS in Hardware tab shows Volumes: all five volumes I expect on the disk)

?? How do I make the read-only secondary the primary disk??
(Of course, I plan to add another secondary to replace the failed disk and then rebuild the off-site secondary)

I could load the drives on sleds and put them in the MacPro bays, but the Voyager Bays have been rock-solid for years and I really suspect just one disk. I might do this while I wait on a response.

Topic starter Posted : 10/12/2019 4:19 pm
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Remove the primary disk from the system.

"Convert" the ROS volume, and select non RAID, or Mirror and choose a new secondary. If you have two ROS's you will temporarily lose one, and you can add it back later.

Posted : 10/12/2019 4:54 pm