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Mirror Volumes - Secondary Disks Missing, can't get them back together

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The power went out today and when I got back up and running the four disks in my Mercury Rack Pro were acting up.

I'm on SoftRaid 5.8.3 with the 5.8.3 driver on Catalina 10.15.3.

I'm at a loss for how to handle this as validating isn't doing anything and I can't find the way to rename the volume or rebuild it (as mentioned in other threads).

The attached image shows my current conundrum.

Raid Mirrors is a volume with 3 disks all in RAID 1. Then the Time Machine volume is exactly that, mirroring the Mac Pro drive.

Two things are occuring: 1) The Time Machine drive simply won't mount at all. 2) The Raid Mirrors volume had a missing disk (Mercury 2 - Green). I removed the secondary volume and now I'm stuck in the current configuration and can't figure out how to re-group them and validate / rebuild / whatever I need to do to get them to act as one again.

Can you guys guide me here? Thanks for your time and efforts.

Topic starter Posted : 29/04/2020 5:41 pm
Member Admin

Send a tech support file to support at softraid so we can check it out.

Posted : 29/04/2020 9:03 pm